Welcome to Social Endeavors where you and your child will journey towards social success! 

Our mission is to help children, between the ages of 3-17 y, develop successful social relationships with peers. For some, it may mean developing a meaningful relationship with one or two peers, for others it may mean being part of a large group. For young children it will take the form of collaborative play, for older it may take the form of joining group activities or participating in a project together with classmates. 

Regardless of the age, gender or interest – the key to success on this journey is in helping children and youth become flexible thinkers, strong problem solvers and understand how their behaviors affects the thoughts and feelings of others.  On this social endeavor, we help each child better understand his own style of interaction and communication which will allow them to meet their own social goals and experience success.

We offer individual meetings, group meetings, parent training, and school consultations to help children and their families on their endeavor toward social growth.

Social Endeavors Kids

Weekly structured playgroup designed to help children develop age appropriate social and communication skills.

Social Endeavors Together

Structured playgroup for young children and their parents together nurturing empowered parenting, and the acquisition of social and communication skills.

Social Endeavors Parents

Structured groups for parents organized around developmental themes and parenting tools.

Social Endeavors School

Consultative services to teachers and parents delivering an individualized classroom intervention plan to foster classroom success. 

Social Endeavors You

Individual, couple, or family sessions to address current challenges including, but not limited to, Anxiety, Behavioral problems at home or school, Emotional regulation challenges, difficulties in communication within the family, and low self-esteem.