Groups for Kids

Social Endeavors Group is a weekly group meeting designed to help children develop age appropriate social and communication skills.

Our mission is to help children, between the ages of 3-17 y, develop successful social relationships with peers. For some, it may mean developing a meaningful relationship with one or two peers, for others it may mean being part of a larger group.

Group activities include conversation practice, collaborative play,  team building activities and unstructured interactions.

Regardless of the age, gender or interest – the key to success on this journey is in helping children and youth become flexible thinkers, strong problem solvers and understand how their behaviors affects the thoughts and feelings of others.  On this social endeavor, we help each child better understand his own style of interaction and communication which will allow them to meet their own social goals and experience success.

Social Endeavors Group includes:

– Intake and goal setting meeting

– Weekly group meetings  (75 minutes long) – 3 yearly sessions are based on the academic calendar

– Ongoing feedback to parents

– Children are grouped based on skill level and age.

Fee policies:

– Social Endeavors does not participate in any insurance networks for group meetings

– Statements for insurance will be provided upon request.

Contact us for more information.

Our programs are designed for children who participate in mainstream and special education settings and experience difficulties working in a group or getting along with peers.

Children who are diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome/ high-functioning Autism, Nonverbal learning disorder, ADHD,  Anxiety and other disorders  can benefit from our programs, though No diagnosis is necessary for participation in our groups.  

Targeted Skills:

– How to join peers in play and conversation and how to sustain it

– How to share, take turns, and collaborate with peers

– How to increase frustration tolerance

– How to problem solve and resolve conflicts with peers

– How to figure out the “hidden” social rules