Customized Services Just for You

Social Endeavors You are Individualized meetings with children (2-17 y), parents or families to support and assist families as needed. We help children and families with a range of challenges:

Social skills: Some children are ready to join a Social Endeavors Kids group. While some children need to master foundational skills first. Social Endeavors You provides the one-on-one setting to develop these skills.

Parenting: Some parents feel that a Social Endeavors Parents group will meet their needs toward developing their parenting skills and understanding of their child. While others seek a more tailored consultation around a specific concern, or may feel more comfortable with an individual setting.

Anxiety: Dr. Miri Arie, at our Rochester office, offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children with Anxiety. If you feel that your child is being held back by a specific fear (i.e., phobia), is worried about bad things that may happen to them or a family member, or if you observe your child struggle with strong habits and routines they cannot control – Social Endeavors You would be the right program to choose.  Dr. Arie has also a specific expertise in helping children with Selective Mutism

Relationship within the family: Some families feel that a Social Endeavors Together group will enhance their play skills and strengthen their relationship with their child.  While others feel that including other significant members (e.g., siblings, nanny, grandparent) is necessary to meet this goal. Social Endeavors You provides a flexible setting to support families as they need.

Social Endeavors You includes:

– Intake and goal setting meeting

– Ongoing meetings as needed (50 minutes long)

– Ongoing feedback to parents

– Reevaluation of goals on a quarterly basis


Fee policies:

– Social Endeavors Chicago does not participate in any insurance networks.  Statements for insurance will be provided upon request.

– Social Endeavors Rochester accepts some insurance policies. 

– A limited number of sliding fee scale slots will be available.