Groups For Parents

Social Endeavors Together focuses on supporting parents and children together.  We believe that the parent-child relationship is the most important one in early childhood and throughout life. This relationship builds the foundation for all future relationships with others. We strive to  provides a safe environment for parents to explore their parenting style and learn new strategies to enhance their relationship with their child. Our approach is based on the notion that active parental involvement in children’s life is a key to a positive atmosphere at home and beyond and leads to strong bonds between family members.

Together parents will learn the language of play and social interaction from a developmental perspective. We provide a fun and creative setting wherein parents can learn how to use play as a vehicle to enhance their relationship with their child and learn how to facilitate positive social interactions between their child and their child’s peers. Children, with our guidance and their parent’s direction and support, will acquire new emotional regulation and social skills and apply them in a natural social context with their peers. Concurrent to this social success, parent and child will strengthen their own relationship and experience success together.

Social Endeavors Parents consists of 4 weekly meetings (1.5 hours long).

Each meeting includes:

– Introduction of a weekly topic

– Parents will apply it by role playing in the group

– A plan for implementing it at home will be developed.

– Parents will discuss and assess their experiences with strategies from the prior week.

– By the end of the workshop, parents will have a complete tool-kit and an understanding of what has been most helpful with their child.

Topics will vary depending on the specific needs of the group, but in general we will cover issues such as:

– How to play and talk with children

– Positive reinforcements

– Limit setting

– Consequences

– Putting it all together – ABC model

– Teaching children to problem solve

Additionally, each meeting will address a common behavior that parents often struggle with such as:

– Not following directions

– Temper tantrums

– Difficulties with routines

– Power struggles with siblings

Fee policies:

– For group meetings, Social Endeavors does not participate in any insurance networks.

– Statements for insurance will be provided upon request.

– A limited number of sliding fee scale slots will be available.

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Parents who would like to improve their parenting skills and want the support of other parents and professionals. This workshop will introduce:

– The foundations of successful parenting

– Communication and problem solving skills

– Solutions to common behavior problems