Parents and Kids Together

Social Endeavors Together focuses on supporting parents and children together.  We believe that the parent-child relationship is the most important one in early childhood and throughout life. This relationship builds the foundation for all future relationships with others. We strive to  provides a safe environment for parents to explore their parenting style and learn new strategies to enhance their relationship with their child. Our approach is based on the notion that active parental involvement in children’s life is a key to a positive atmosphere at home and beyond and leads to strong bonds between family members.
Our work focuses on collaborative problem solving, in which parents learn to really listen and understand their children’s perspective and their social emotional needs; and learn to communicate their expectations and set limits as appropriate.  
At times, this will take the form of playing together. We provide a fun and creative setting wherein parents can learn how to use play as a vehicle to enhance their relationship with their child and learn how to facilitate positive social interactions between their child and their child’s peers. 
At other times, our work will remain in the realm of conversation. Regardless of the modality, children, with our guidance and their parent’s direction and support, will practice and acquire new emotional regulation and other skills as needed. Parents and children will strengthen their own relationship and experience success together.

Regardless of the age, gender or interest we strive to help individuals become flexible thinkers, strong problem solvers, understand their own thought and feeling and those of others, and how their behaviors affect the thoughts and feelings of others. We integrate a wide range of theoretical approaches including: Attachment theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Social Thinking Curriculums, psychodynamic and interpersonal process approaches. 
Social Endeavors Together  includes: Intake and goals setting meeting, followed by ongoing meetings with different family configurations, as indicated.
Parents and children will talk and play during these meetings. We will reflect on the emotional needs, family dynamics and developmental themes as they emerge. We will guide you to implement tools and strategies  and  provide constructive feedback and hands- on experience.  Finally, ideas for implementing the skills beyond the therapy setting will be addressed.

Fee Policies:
Social Endeavors Rochester accepts the following insurance policies:
BCBS and Aetna as an in-network provider
Tricare as out of network provider.

Social Endeavors Evanston
accepts BCBS PPO.
A limited number of sliding fee scale slots are available.

Parents and their children, who are experiencing social, emotional and behavioral challenges at home, at school and in other settings.