Parents and Kids Together

Social Endeavors Together is a weekly structured playgroup for children and their parents together teaching parents how to facilitate their children’s acquisition of age appropriate social and communication skills. 

We believe that the parent-child relationship is the most important one in early childhood and throughout life. This relationship builds the foundation for all future relationships with others. This workshop designed to assist parents in learning the language of play and social interaction from a developmental perspective. It provides a fun and creative setting wherein parents can learn how to use play as a vehicle to enhance their relationship with their child and learn how to facilitate positive social interactions between their child and their child’s peers.

Our approach is based on the notion that active parental involvement in children’s social settings is a key to ongoing successful social interactions. Using structured and facilitated play situations, children, with their parent’s direction and support, will acquire new social skills and apply them in a natural social context with their peers. Concurrent to this social success, parent and child will strengthen their own relationship and experience success together.

Social Endeavors Together includes:

– Intake and goals setting meeting

– Eight weekly meetings for children and parents together (75 minutes long).

– Children and parents are grouped based on children’s age, ranging from 2-10 years old.

– Multiple child development specialists facilitate each meeting


Workshop’s topics include:

– The role of play in children’s development

– Finding a role in your child’s play

– Using play as a means to teach new skills

– The role of mutual play in strengthening the parent-child relationship


Target skills to be addressed  include:

– Joining in play

– Maintaining interactions

– Problem solving

– Emotional regulation


Each meeting is composed of two parts:

Acquisition: While children engage in supervised free play, parents will participate in an active discussion with other parents and Social Endeavors specialist. Each discussion will be on a specified topic and will include tools to facilitate social success.

Practice: Parents will join their children and implement the tools and strategies discussed previously. Our child development specialists will provide constructive feedback and hands- on guidance to parents as they play with their children and other workshop members. Finally, ideas for implementing the skills beyond the group setting will be addressed.

Fee policies:

– Social Endeavors does not participate in any insurance networks.

– Statements for insurance will be provided upon request.

– A limited number of sliding fee scale slots will be available.

Contact us for more information.

Parents and their young children, who are experiencing challenges in social situations with their peers, where parents are committed to take a leading role in facilitating their child’s emerging social success.

Specifically, this workshop is designed for parents who would like to:

– Learn to facilitate their children’s social abilities

– Strengthen their relationship with their child

– Experience success and fulfillment playing with their child