Support for Teachers and Parents

Social Endeavors School helps families and teachers identify challenges in the classroom environment and develop strategies of intervention for the teacher to implement in school that will help your child fully participate in classroom activities and social situations.

We believe that the best way to address challenges in school is through a comprehensive intervention plan. We will integrate input from the people that know the child best, his parents and teachers, with our expertise in child development and social emotional functioning, allows us to tailor a plan that will meet the child’s individual needs. We will provide tools to your child’s teachers that are specific to your child’s  strengths and challenges and takes into account the environmental constraints.

Social Endeavors School includes a number of elements:

  • In-depth interview with parents to learn about their child’s functioning in the classroom and at home as well as child and family developmental history.
  • Classroom observations followed by in-depth meeting with the classroom teachers to learn about the child’s strengths, challenges and the classroom environment. Discussion will include brain storming and collaborative problem solving around the child’s difficulties.
  • Development of intervention strategies for the teacher and parents to implement based on meetings and observation.
  • Meeting with teachers and parents to discuss the intervention plan and implementation of it in school and home.
  • Follow up observations and meetings with teachers and parents to monitor progress and update the plan as needed.


Fee policies:

– Social Endeavors does not participate in any insurance networks.

– Statements for insurance will be provided upon request.

– A limited number of sliding fee scale slots will be available with verification of income.


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Children who are having difficulties in school will most benefit as will their parents, teachers and their entire classroom!

These classroom challenges might include:

– Difficulties with transitions

– Difficulties making or keeping friends

– Difficulties staying on task

– Difficulties participating in group activities

Teachers who will most benefit might be dealing with:

– Children who have difficulties with transitions

– Children who need help working and playing in a group

– Children with disruptive behavior